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how we came to it in the Dark Kitchen business model

Шеф-повар в кухне
In recent years and especially since the health crisis, they have been popping up everywhere at a crazy pace. Dark kitchens, or ghost kitchens, are the food trend of the moment.
Dark Kitchens are a new type of restaurant that is only for sale on platforms like Deliveroo,JusEat or Uber Eat. It is clear that this is a virtual restaurant without receiving visitors. The kitchens are closed and there is no room for lunch or takeout.
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Dear customers,

Please note that we have started delivering to Monaco. You can place orders directly on our website by choosing dishes from our online restaurants. Pay attention to additional information on the page of each restaurant.

The minimum order amount is 50 euros. Order execution time 30-40 minutes. Free delivery.

The time for receiving orders and delivery is from 11:30 - 14:00. and 18:30 - 21:30

You can also place orders through our delivery partners Mr. Room Service:

Real Food Angel

Made in China Town

More restaurants coming soon


Comment commander

vous pouvez sélectionner et commander des plats dans et depuis nos restaurants avec nos partenaires de livraison

UberEats, Deliveroo, Just Eat

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We cook with pleasure!

The journey of my cooking experience started by cooking for young children. It was my love and passion for the food. I created the «Real Picnic» project We deliver healthy and nutritious food at your  doorstep.

My healthy nutrition journey continued with the Organic
Detox Bar.

"We are the first company in Monaco to offer proper Nutrition program
and detox cold pressed juices" 


Igors Petroffs 



Healthy and nutrition food for children!

The main reason for feeding a child is that parents does not have
patience, they give children what they want to eat like pasta, pizza,
chicken nuggets, and other junk foods. This results to obesity and
allergies. Children as well as adults need a healthy well balanced diet.
My experience at Forest International School will help you offer my

Повара в действии

In just 3 years, the number of food deliveries in France has increased by about 20%: According to the consulting firm Food Service Vision, in 2024 home delivery could account for 19% of commercial catering turnover and weigh almost 10.3 billion euros in France.
The Covid-19 pandemic has indeed accelerated certain movements that are already at work, with the French calling for more food delivery in recent months than ever, especially in major cities. Thus, from 2018 to 2020 in France, it grew by more than 47%. And nearly 7 out of 10 orders now go through shipping platforms like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, or Just Eat.

The pandemic has changed the habits of the French

Доставка мороженого
Several factors contributed to the rise of ghost kitchens in France. Firstly, the emergence of new ways of consumption, in particular the development of street food and the culture of instant cooking (delivery everywhere and at any time has become the norm), has made it necessary to adapt the catering offer. In addition, the growth of online orders and click & collect is confirmed annually: in France, food delivery to your home or office is increasing annually by about 20%. Shared kitchens in virtual restaurants are much more flexible and economical than traditional restaurants, thus meeting the real needs of both consumers and restaurant owners.
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Dark Kitchen Real Food Angel

Over the years, we have studied our consumers and their preferences. We have experimented and only offered healthy food. Our customers have always highly appreciated our service and our food, responding to us with their loyalty.
Now that food delivery is the answer to restrictions, we have expanded our capabilities and our service - now our customers can enjoy food from our virtual restaurants.
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