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About us

Programs are aimed primarily at maintaining a healthy body through proper nutrition.  The main goal of Real Food Angel is to achieve results with benefits for the body, eating only healthy food.  We help to actively stabilize the weight to the desired result, improve immunity and keep what has been achieved for a long time. The menu is tailored to the desires and needs of each individual. In addition to healthy dishes, you also receive bonus Angel money with each order, which you can exchange for a discount in euros.

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Choose a program and amount of days make an order on the website before 11:00 of the current day. Select a payment method. Specify order and delivery details.



Pay for your order on our website. Your order will be ready and delivered


o Daily delivery of fresh nutrition
o 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day
o New menu every day 
o Selection of days quantity 
o Only nutritionist accepted products 
o Measurements in calories
o Vegetarian and individual options 
o Sportive life nutrition



Order in a convenient package will be delivered at the specified time and address